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AK Steel Holding Corporation — Company History


AK Steel Holding acquired steel producer Armco Inc. in 1999, a purchase that secured the firm as a leader in the carbon, stainless, and electrical steel markets. The Early Years. The history of AK Steel Holding Corporation itself (incorporated in 1994) is extremely short, yet the company‘s roots actually date back to the late 1800s.

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Ak Steel Holding Corporation Business Information, Profile, and History 703 Curtis Street Middletown, Ohio 45043 U.S.A. Company Perspectives: AK Steel offers a diverse product line unmatched by any other competitor in the market.

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The company was founded in 1899 as The American Rolling Mill Company (ARMCO) in Middletown, Ohio, where it operated a production facility.
In 1922, it opened a second production facility, Ashland Works in Ashland, Kentucky.
In 1971, Armco Steel purchased Kansas City-based engineering firm Burns & McDonnell; however, in 1985, employees of Burns & McDonnell secured a loan to buy the company from Ar…

AK Steel History: Founding, Timeline, and Milestones


Dec 14, 2021 · AK Steel Company History Timeline. Our heritage of innovation spans more than 120 years, beginning in 1899 when the company s predecessor, ARMCO, was incorporated in Middletown, Ohio. Verity and a few business associates established Armco in Middletown, Ohio on July, 12 1900. 1901 Armco officially opened in Middletown, Ohio 2 .

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