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Resources – UNICEF DATA


Global, regional and national trends in under-5 mortality between 1990 and 2019 with scenario-based projections until 2030: A systematic analysis. public Country profiles.

Resources | UNICEF Executive Board


Documents relevant to the work of the UNICEF Executive Board. Integrated Results and Resources Framework of the UNICEF Strategic Plan, 2022–2025 (E/ICEF/2021/25/Add.1) UNICEF integrated budget, 2022–2025: report of the Advisory Committee on Administrative and Budgetary Questions (E/ICEF/2021/AB/L.7)



UNITE UNITE Resources | UNICEF USA Learn about UNICEF’s work around the world, campaigns you can join to raise your voice for and with kids at home and abroad, and all the meaningful ways you and UNICEF can UNITE to protect the rights of children everywhere. Check out our volunteer resources below:

UNICEF Clubs Resources | UNICEF USA


UNICEF Clubs Resources | UNICEF USA UNICEF UNITE Clubs Youth in Action Ready to affect change and make your voice heard? Find all the tools you need below to make a difference in your community. Club Calendar Register your Club Submit your Funds Have an idea for a fundraiser or event? Submit Your Idea Ready to start an online fundraising page?

Resources on the Convention on the Rights of the … – UNICEF


The toolkit defines what is meant by child rights education and the child rights approach. The toolkit explains the relevance of child rights education to UNICEF’s mission and the ways in which education can take place in a range of contexts – including with professionals, caregivers, the corporate sector, the media, and children’s groups.

Core Resources for Results | UNICEF


The 2020 Core Resources for Results (RR) Report focuses on the role and impact of RR for immunization, showcasing UNICEF’s efforts to expand immunization expertise, cold chains, and innovative approaches through several countries to increase vaccination rates of the world’s children through a series of stories from the field.

Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) information centre | UNICEF


The COVID-19 pandemic has upended the lives of children and their families across the globe. UNICEF is working with experts to promote facts over fear, bringing reliable guidance to parents, caregivers and educators, and partnering with front-line responders to ensure they have the information and resources they need to keep children healthy and learning.

Resources for Rights Respecting Schools – UNICEF UK


Here you’ll find all the Rights Respecting teaching resources you need to help you teach about children’s rights in school. Teaching and learning about rights is an essential part of becoming a Rights Respecting school and our resources provide great support for school staff to teach children and young people about children’s rights and global citizenship.

Central Plains | UNICEF USA


0:00 / 0:42 •. Live. •. In the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey in Houston, UNICEF USA Central Plains staff and volunteers and UPS packed school kits to help kids get back to learning. UNICEF also provided education assistance to teachers and schools and …

North Texas Regional Office | UNICEF USA


The UNICEF Experience Dallas 2014. … The center includes several volunteer activities and resources, such as turn–key tool kits for you to use that provide step-by-step instructions for conducting awareness-building, fundraising or advocacy activities in your community, a calendar of local events and more. …

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