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Below is infomation about Walden Security Corporate office Headquarters . Every business carefully selects a place to set up its headquarters, and place like of Virginia and Texas are favorite places for large companies. If you want to seek help from corporate headquarters, or work with them, the most important thing is to prepare everything in advance, because the staff at headquarters is often the busiest person in a company.

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Walden Security | Contact CONTACT Whether you’re ready to find a security partner, or just looking for more information, we’re here to answer your questions. Careers Contact Us Corporate Office 100 East Tenth Street Suite 400 Chattanooga, TN 37402 Phone 423.702.8200 Toll Free 800.846.4350 Fax 423.702.8204 info@waldensecurity.com

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For nearly 30 years, Walden Security has proudly provided armed, unarmed integrated security services for commercial and government properties. Our presence ensures the security of people, properties and assets, and our officers share an unwavering commitment to safeguard every post under our watch. With Walden, there’s strength in security.

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Corporate | Chattanooga, TN. 423-702-8220. As Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Walden Security, Amy Walden has been a leader for Walden Security for more than 30 years. She oversees all business activities related to owning and operating a …

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Now, decades later, Walden Security is the nation’s fifth-largest security company, with more than $200 million in annual sales and 6,000 employees. Every year since its inception, Walden Security has averaged double-digit annual growth, one customer at a time — rather than through mergers and acquisitions. Our reputation is a direct result …

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Located at our corporate headquarters, our Command Technology Center is manned 24/7 by trained operators who review every signal received by our station and respond to events in real-time. Our security technology solutions allow you to improve the performance of your security program and reduce the need for onsite security personnel, which often results in significant …

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